Paints for roofs

  • DENAS Penetration

    Water-dilutable agent for impregnating of absorbent surfaces

    Application layer: Primer

  • DENAS Hydrophobic impregnation

    Water-repulsing impregnating agent. DENAS HYDROPHOBIC IMPREGNATION is used for impregnation of absorbent building materials in order to reduce water absorption. Suitable surfaces are plasters, concretes, bricks, natural stone, burnt and concrete roof covering, cement-chip and fibre-concrete materials etc. In addition to reducing water absorption it revives the appearance of the material.

    Application layer: Primer

  • DENAS Asbestos cement roofing

    Top water- dilutable paint to asbestos cement roofing.

    Surface finishes of folded roofing (asbestos cement, concrete, burnt roofing), cement-chip and fibre-cement boards and other silicate materials in exterior and interior.

    Application layer: Top coat

  • DENAS Universal Gloss/matt

    DENAS UNIVERSAL GLOSS, MATT is a water- dilutable topcoat paint based on quality acrylic dispersions containing colorfast pigments, fine additives, biocides, coalescent and other additives that modify its properties. As the solvent it contains water, it does not contain any aromatic solvents or varnish petrol.

    Application layer: Top topcoat

    Finish: Glossy | Smooth, Silk | Matt

  • DENAS 2in1

    Anticorrosive quick-drying water-dilutable single-layer paint.

    Surface finish of metal construction, metal roofs, tinsmithing elements - for fresh zinc coated too, fences, gutters, balcony railings, poles, lighting poles, containers, machines and other metal materials in construction and renovation.

    Application Layer: Single layer paints 2in1

  • DENAS Lepenka

    Water-thinnable waterproofing pain

    Protective waterproofing paint for roof structures and polyurethane foams.