The quality of the development of the established systems and the professional competence of the company DENAS COLOR a.s. are evidenced by certificates, authorizations, approvals and certificates.

The company is operated in the quality management system in accordance with standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2016 and according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2016 and respects the principles of complex quality management and environmental protection.

Certifikat ISO 9001 2022Certifikat ISO 14001 2022

The company DENAS COLOR a.s. has decided not to communicate about its significant environmental aspects.


DENAS COLOR a.s. is engaged in the development and production of water-based acrylic paints, sealants and adhesives for use in construction and metal industry. An important part is the implementation of finishes through blasting, metallization and painting of steel constructions, wood, concrete constructions, facades and interiors and insulation of roofs.
In order to fully satisfy the customers' requirements, we maintain and improve the quality of our products and services in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection, we declare the policy of quality and environmental protection with the belief that it will be accepted by our employees, customers, business partners and other involved parties. Quality policy and environmental protection is based on the overall strategy of the company and is among the main priorities in the management of the company.

Management of the company DENAS COLOR a.s. gives an undertaking to do following:

  1. Identify and in the maximum possible extent to meet current and future needs and expectations of our customers.
  2. Effectively and efficiently fulfil all quality and environmental parameters of realized products deliveries and provided services with careful use of energy and materials, which correspond to the current state of customer requirements in the corresponding fields and current legislative requirements.
  3. Create the necessary creative and working environment for the successful implementation of strategic plans.
  4. Educate and motivate employees for permanent acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills and for information increasing in the environmental awareness.
  5. Create clear and open communication with our suppliers and to support them in the implementation of quality management system and environmental management to be able to deliver according to our needs and specifications.
  6. With the pollution prevention options to prevent emergency situations, which consequences could have a negative impact on the environment and on health of employees.
  7. At all levels of management to apply, develop and continuously improve the quality management system and environmental management contributing to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and all involved parties.

To meet the quality policies and environmental protection and objectives and targets based on it, the company management undertakes to allocate appropriate and sufficient resources.

In Bílovec on: 2nd January 2013

On behalf of management of company DENAS COLOR, a.s. Aleš Glončák, company director