Start of the company is dated since the year 1991 already when four partners have founded the company, which has dealt, among other things, with the surface protection of materials and with the production of paints subsequently. Due to the different activities of an existing business, the separation of business activities was done and the expansion in the field of paints has followed. New company DENAS COLOR a.s., in the form as we know it today, was founded on 8th November 1994. The company's activities were based on two main business directions, namely the development and production of water-based paints, sealants and adhesives, and implementation of surface treatment materials.

In the newly reconstructed areas there has started a new production of water-based paints and in 1995 the company has commenced the work on the development of a wide group of paints for steel and ferroconcrete construction and coating materials for various branches of the metal industry.

Concept of development and production of paints was consulted with the global producer of dispersions, with the company ROHM AND HAAS, which has also become a major supplier of components for production. From the beginning the very development and production have been based on qualified personnel, their professional competence and long-time experience in the development and production of water-based paints. The result of the development was launching of several special paints mainly in the metal industry. In a short time the company DENAS COLOR a.s. has become a leader in the development of industrial water-based paints in the Czech Republic.

Currently, the company breaks especially through the supplies of paints to engineering plants (protection of machine parts and technological complexes), foundries (protection of grey iron castings, malleable cast iron, steel cast iron and tempered cast iron) and supplies of coating systems for protection of steel and ferroconcrete constructions. Especially in the field of production for the engineering industry the company supplies paints in the treatment that respect different conditions for the application of individual customers and above all that respect the requirements of environmental protection.

prodejna 1During 2007 we have released a special line of products, which is due to its use focused on ordinary consumers as the final beneficiary. The main aim was to offer to the common consumer a quality and undemanding paint with regard to the preparation of surface and the application. Another important goal was an effort to ensure easy accessibility of this product range, which is managed via retailing network (Kouzlo barev, Barevný ráj, Barva a laky Hostivař, Bal Slovakia) and retail chains (supermarkets Hornbach, OBI, Baumax and Globus).

The next branch, in which is the company engaged, is the realization of surface protection of steel constructions and components

  • blasting
  • metallization
  • paintings, coatings
  • anti-fire paintings

For these purposes the company owns a specialized workplace in Lískovec near Frýdek-Místek, in which it implements a comprehensive anti-corrosive protection of steel constructions, technological systems (rail and road bridges, acoustic walls), as well as small parts and components. With regard to the requirements of our customers we perform applications across the whole Czech Republic. The implementation team consists of professionals who have a long-time experience in the field of surface protection.
The workplace is equipped with the latest technology, which allows to execute the surface protection in the highest quality, namely with regard to the different requirements of customers, as well as with respect to the environmental protection. The expedition to the workplace is solved by road and rail transportation via railway siding also.

Equipment of specialised workplace:

  • bridge cranes (12,5 t, 20 t, 50 t)
  • blasting box
  • blasting units
  • technology for the disposal of VOCs

Specification of finishes:

  • blasting with steel crushed material
  • metallization with the heating coating Al, Zn, ZnAL - Zinacor 850
  • painting – painting system according to the customer technical specification e.g. systems of own production, but also: INTERNATIONAL, REMBRANDTIN, HEMPEL, DERISOL, AMERON, JOTUN etc.