DENAS impregnaceProduct description DENAS Hydrophobic impregnation

Water-repulsing impregnating agent. DENAS HYDROPHOBIC IMPREGNATION is used for impregnation of absorbent building materials in order to reduce water absorption. Suitable surfaces are plasters, concretes, bricks, natural stone, burnt and concrete roof covering, cement-chip and fibre-concrete materials etc. In addition to reducing water absorption it revives the appearance of the material.


  • It keeps away water and reduces the absorption of the base.
  • It reduces soiling of the surface.
  • It does not increase the diffusion resistance of the treated material.
  • It has a long life both indoors and outdoors.
  • It does not change the colour and appearance of the substrate.
  • It is not eliminated by cleansing and disinfecting materials.


Application Layer: Penetration paint
Chemical classification: Soluble in water
Surface: Surfaces must be dry, free of any mechanical or greasy dirts. In case of new concrete must be removed the cement and inconsistent coating. It is recommended to clean the substrate with pressurized water followed by drying.

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