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I bought the paint that is mentioned in subject, and on the can there is mentioned that it should be applied in two layers. But there is no indication of how long it must be waited between the two layers, respectively how long does the paint dry.

Concerning Intakryl, you can find the procedure for paint application on our websites:
in the attached data sheet, which says:

  • Drying l.1 (against dust): 50 min
  • Drying l.2 (to touch): 1h
  • Drying l.4 (fully dry): 1h 20 min.

I'll make beehives that will be made with the hardboard on the outside. Manufacturer of similar hives indicates that the fibreboard has to be impregnated with the boiled linseed oil and then painted with acrylic paint. Can I use Denas Universal? Will it adhere on the surface that will be impregnated the boiled linseed oil? Must be used the foundation paint under Denas universal? In the instructions there is written that as a primer it should be used Denascout diluted 1:1 with water. I cannot find any Denascout product.

We recommend you to impregnate the material with the water-dilatable impregnation with the biocidal effect (e.g. Bochemit). Then, as the basis Denas Univerzál diluted with water 1:1 and after drying an undiluted layer of Denas Universal. The temperature of air and material by the application and paint drying should not fall below + 10 °C. You can buy all products in our shop in Bílovec, winter opening hours Mon - Fri 6:00 - 15:30.

We and kids have coated with your paint for wood for indoor and outdoor. Any kids have got dirty on their clothing, namely jackets and sweatshirts. Can you advise me how to clean it?

Clothes dirty with paint should be washed immediately before drying, or at least soaked.

The size of the balcony is 5 x 2 metres, strength is 7-10 cm to 2 meters. Balcony is exposed to all seasons. In winter there falls sometimes snowslide from the roof. Concrete is one month old and now I am looking for a final isolation and surface finish.

For painting of concrete balcony we recommend you to use our product DENAS BETON (CONCRETE) that you can buy in the sales network

First of all it is necessary to prime the surface with the DENAS PENETRACÍ (DENAS PENETRATION), after that 1-3x painting with DENAS BETONEM (DENAS CONCRETE).

All important information about the product and how to use is can be found on:, see Technical sheet.

We covered the attic in the cottage with the hardboard and now we would like to put 2 cm polystyrene on it and then polystyrene panels with the wood printing. Could you please inform me if it is possible to use your adhesive OSTAFIX N for polystyrene onto hardboards and then for polystyrene panels too. The attic is not heated and if it is freezing, there is cold. I don´t know if the temperature +- 0 °C is OK. In the working procedure there is written the sealant should be applied to the basis. Is it necessary to observe it or is it possible to apply it onto polystyrene – it would be easier for us.

For gluing of polystyrene boards onto hardboards and of polystyrene panels you can use our product OSTAFIX N. When applying, it is important to observe the minimal temperature of 15 degrees and after application the temperature has no effect on adhesion.

All important information about the product and how to use is can be found on: see Technical sheet.

You can buy all our products in the sales network Kouzlo barev or you can order them.
List of shops Kouzla barev:

Is it possible to use your product for painting of Formica housing core to be waterproof?

For painting of Formica housing core you can use INTAKRYL that is partially washable, and for surface with the direct contact with water use DENAS UNIVERZÁL.
All important information about the product and how to use is can be here, see TECHNICAL SHEET:

You can buy all our products in the sales network KOUZLO BAREV and DRUGSTORES:

We have PU roof, ca 80m2, coated with Sanakryl TOP. On the paint there are cracks. I got recommendation for your paint Primalit Primer. Can I get it from you? Which paint do you recommend me?

If there are cracks in the basis, you should use the framework from the mesh fabric, which provides reinforcement of the basis.
We therefore recommend you one coat with Primalit, then to put the mesh fabric into the still wet coating and after drying paint it once more.

Can I use the product DENAS univerzál for plastic pipe in interior?

It is very important, which type of material is it, whether PVC, PE etc. There are used lots of material types for production of plastic pipes.
However, if you paint the pipe with DENAS Universal there will be created a film around it, which will keep on in as a foil. So if there is no damage of paint, it will sustain. Adhesion to the plastic is in this case more complicated.

I painted the new concrete garage floor (55m2) with the penetration S2802A and I would like to ask you for advice which surface finish should I use onto this penetration, which type is compatible with this penetration.

Penetration S2802A can reduce the adhesion of the paint, it doesn´t fall into the best coats. We recommend you to use Denas penetration or any other 2-components primer in the future.

Which paint should I use onto rough plaster?

For plasters I would recommend you following product: 
At the end of the link, there you can find technical data sheet for downloading, where you can find all information regarding this paint, the recommended base preparation, paint application etc.

What can I use for tinting the paints DENAS universal?

The paints Denas Universal Gloss and Matt are delivered in following tones, see[1].jpg. We can offer tinting in tones RAL.

Is it necessary to use Denas Universal with diluting 1:1 onto the wood fence that is impregnated with fungicide, or can I paint directly 2 layers of not-diluted paint?

If the wood is impregnated only with a fungicide we recommend you one coat diluted 1: 1 with water at first and subsequently two layers of undiluted paint.

I bought a water repulsive impregnating product DENAS - hydrophobic impregnation. I'd like to use is to prevent the seeping of water from the shower into the wall behind it. The water is seeping through the joints. Will it have any effect when I paint the tiles and joints between them? Will this coating prevent the leakage at least for some time??

The joints must be perfectly degreased, dried and then you can apply the paint - two layers. ATTENTION!!! IN THIS CASE THE RULE WET ON WET IS VALID. Unfortunately, on the tiles there will be the paint not functional. Anyway, maybe I recommend you to apply a new pointing stuff, which will serve you for years. You will need to apply Denas hydrophobic impregnation after few years again. On our websites there you can find more detailed description.