Paints and varnishes for wood

  • DENAS Structure

    Structural water-dilutable enamel. Top finishing coats for wood and metal products, construction and materials in interiors and exteriors. This enamel is suitable for surface treatment of doors, kitchens, various tiles, concrete, plasters, socles, elevator cabs and so on.

    Application layer: Top coat

  • DENAS Universal Gloss/matt

    DENAS UNIVERSAL GLOSS, MATT is a water- dilutable topcoat paint based on quality acrylic dispersions containing colorfast pigments, fine additives, biocides, coalescent and other additives that modify its properties. As the solvent it contains water, it does not contain any aromatic solvents or varnish petrol.

    Application layer: Top topcoat

    Finish: Glossy | Smooth, Silk | Matt