DENAS antikorProduct description DENAS Antikor

Basic anticorrosive water- dilutable paint for metals.

Priming coats of steel, aluminium and galvanized constructions in the interior and exterior. The paint is suitable for priming coatings for metal roofs, plumbing structures and components as well as for fresh zinc coated too, steel fences and bridges, columns, railings, piping systems and other structures in construction and in renovation.

The colour has excellent corrosion properties, consistency with metal surfaces, chemical resistance and a long durability. The colour can also be used to a partially corroded surface. As a topcoat we recommend the use of DENAS UNIVERZAL.

DENAS ANTIKOR is an anticorrosive one-component colour soluble by water formulated on the basis of acrylate dispersion. It contains an anticorrosive pigment zinc phosphate, colour pigments, fine fillers, biocides, coalescents, rheology modifiers, and other additives modulating its properties. As a diluent it contains water and a small amount of glycol-based solvents, it contains neither aromatic solvents nor varnish petrol.

Paint application:
The paint is applied by brush, roller or by spraying in the supplied consistency without dilution. It is applied in one or two layers spaced min. 4 hours between coats. Air and ground temperature during the application and drying should not fall below + 10 ° C.

Application layer: Base paint
Application method: steteclakovaci valeckystrikaci pistole
Chemical classification: Soluble by water
Toning in system: ČSN, RAL, CSA Eurotrend, NCS
Area of metals: ico hlinikpozinkkovykovovy plotplechova vratakovaniocelove konstrukce
Intensity: 6 - 8 m2 / kg per one layer
Surface: The surface must be dry, devoid of mechanical and greasy dirts, rust and old paint residues non-cohesive with the surface.
Storage: The colour is stored in original packages at temperatures between +5 and + 25 °C, storability min. 36 months from the date of production. The colour must not freeze!
Packaging: 0,7 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg.

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