DENAS radioatorProduct description DENAS Radiator

Special water-dilutable fast-drying enamel for radiators.

Top finishing coats for metal radiators or other metal objects. The temperature of air and surface by the application and paint drying should not fall below + 10 ° C.

DENAS RADIATOR is a one-component waterborne fast-drying enamel formulated on the basis of acrylate dispersions of a new generation. It contains coloured pigments, fine fillers, biocides, coalescents, rheology modifiers, and other additives modifying its properties. During drying and curing the coating occurs an oxidative chemical netting of the binder. Thus a high quality, thermally and mechanically resistant paint film is generated.

The coating has a very fast drying, high covering, resistance against yellowing, heat resistance to 100 ° C, the possibility of deposition on the background to 40 ° C, excellent workability. When used in interiors it is possible to use DENAS RADIATOR as a high-quality universal enamel to various backgrounds.


Density:  1,2 - 1,3 kg/l
pH  8 - 10
Weight dry basis:  40 - 50 %
Volume dry basis:  30 - 40 %
Application Layer: Top covering coat
Application method: stetec
Chemical classification: Soluble in water
Surface appearance: Shiny | Smooth
Toning in the system: ČSN, RAL, CSA Eurotrend, NCS
Area of metals: kovytopeniradiatory
Working process: It is necessary to provide the metal bases with the base paint DENAS ANTIKOR. The temperature of the air and the surface should not fall below + 10 °C during the application and the paint drying.
Intensity: 7 - 10 m2/kg per one paint.
Surface: The surfaces must be dry, devoid of mechanical and greasy dirts, and of paint residues non-cohesive with the surface. DENAS RADIATOR is applied on the surface treated with the base paint. (We recommend using DENAS ANTIKOR).
Storage: The colour is stored in original packages at temperatures from +5 to + 25 ° C, min. storage. 36 months from the date of production. The paint must not freeze!!!
Packaging: 0,7 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg
Safety and hygiene: DENAS RADIÁTOR DENAS RADIATOR is not harmful in the sense of valid regulations. When applying, wear protective equipment and follow the personal hygiene principles. When spraying, protect your respiratory system; in the closed spaces ensure the ventilation of the workplace. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly your eyes with clean water and seek medical treatment.
Waste disposal: Dispose the paint residues and the contaminated packaging as a hazardous waste in compliance with local regulations.

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