DENAS strukturaProduct description DENAS Structure

Structural water-dilutable enamel. Top finishing coats for wood and metal products, construction and materials in interiors and exteriors. This enamel is suitable for surface treatment of doors, kitchens, various tiles, concrete, plasters, socles, elevator cabs and so on.

DENAS STRUCTURE is a water-based topcoat paint based on a special acrylate dispersions containing colourfast pigments, fine fillers, biocides, coalescents and other additives modulating its properties. During drying and curing the coating occurs an oxidative chemical netting of the binder. This generates a high quality and durable paint film. It is highly thyrotrophic and it lets you apply, for example, effective structural coatings. The paint is mechanically resistant, washable and non-staining.

Top covering paints of wood and metal products, constructions and materials in interior and exterior. This enamel is suitable for surface treatment of doors, kitchen cupboards, various tiles, concrete, plasters, skirting boards, elevator cabs etc.


Density: 1,15 - 1,25 g/cm3
pH  8,5 - 10
Weight dry basis:  40-58 %
Volume dry basis:  30 - 43 %
Application Layer: Top covering paint
Application method: steteclakovaci valeckystrikaci pistole
Chemical classification: Soluble in water
Toning in the system: ČSN, RAL, CSA Eurotrend, NCS
Area of metals: kovyplechova vrataradiatory
Area of wood (covering colour) nabytekdvere krycivrata krycinatery dreva
Exterior | interior: interierexterier
Working process: The enamel is usually applied to the surface by a structuring polyurethane roller. Coarser or finer structures can be achieved according to the type of roller, and the pore size on its surface. When applying it is necessary to ensure a uniform coating of the enamel over the entire surface which can be accomplished by a repeated moving of the roller in different directions and by the final aligning in one direction. On complex shape surface the enamel is sprayed using a suitable coater. The enamel is applied in a supplied consistency without dilution. The temperature of air and surface for the application and paint drying should not fall below + 10 ° C. The drying time is 4-6 hours, depending on the layer thickness of the applied enamel, lower temperature and higher humidity slows the drying.
Intensity: 3 - 4 m2/kg depending on the type of structure, quality of the surface and the type of coater.
Storage: The colour is stored in original packages at temperatures from +5 to + 25 ° C, min. storage. 36 months from date of production. The colour must not freeze!!!
Packaging: 1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg
Safety and hygiene: DENAS STRUKTURA is not harmful in the sense of valid regulations. When working, wear protective equipment and follow the personal hygiene principles. When spraying, protect your respiratory system; in closed spaces ensure ventilation of the workplace. In case of a contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly your eyes with clean water and seek medical treatment. Paint residues and contaminated packaging as hazardous waste in compliance with local regulations.
Waste disposal: Dispose the paint residues and contaminated packaging as a hazardous waste in compliance with local regulations.

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