DENAS betonProduct description DENAS Beton

Top water-dilutable paint for concrete.

Painting of concrete, cement-chip and fibre-cement boards and other silicate materials for exterior and interior.

DENAS BETON is a water-based topcoat paint based on acrylic dispersions containing colourfast pigments, fine fillers, biocides, coalescents and other additives modulating its properties. As a diluent it contains water, it does not contain any aromatic solvents or mineral spirits.

The colour has an excellent adhesion to silicate surfaces, quick drying, low spotting, excellent resistance to water, detergents, disinfectants, UV, weathering and durability.


Application Layer: Top covering paint
Application method: steteclakovaci valeckystrikaci pistole
Chemical classification: Soluble in water
Toning in the system: ČSN, RAL, CSA Eurotrend, NCS
Area of concretes: Betonové stěny
Exterior | interior: interierexterier
Working process: The paint is applied by brush, roller or spraying in the supplied consistency in 2-3 layers at intervals of min. 4 hours between individual paints. The temperature during application and paint drying should not fall below + 10 ° C.
Intensity: 5 - 8 m2/kg per one paint.
Surface: Surfaces must be dry, devoid of mechanical and greasy impurities, and of paint residues non-cohesive with the surface. On the surface is used the penetration agent DENAS PENETRACE.
Storage: The colour is stored in original packages at temperatures between + 5 and + 25 ° C, min. storage 36 months from date of manufacture. The colour must not freeze!!!
Packaging: 0,7 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

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