DENAS pruzna fasadaProduct description DENAS Flexible facade

One-component water- dilutable acrylic façade paint. Painting of facade plasters and basis with the appearance of cracks.

DENAS FLEXIBLE FACADE is a single component paint diluable in water formulated on the basis of an acrylate dispersion containing colourfast inorganic pigments, fine fillers, coalescents, rheology modifiers, and other additives modulating its properties.

This colour is used for facade coatings and plasters materials with the appearance of cracks. The paint applied in the desired thickness is able to bridge the cracks arising in the surface and over the full temperature range in our climatic conditions. It protects the structure against water and weather influences, against aggressive substances from the air and against the effects of de-icing salts. Suitable surfaces are concrete, plaster, cement-fibrous, cement-chip and glass-cement surfaces, stone and brick masonry and other building materials.

Density: 1,35 - 1,45 g/ml
Weight dry basis: 56 - 66 %
pH: 8,5 - 9,8
Diffusion resistance m: 3 200

The colour has an excellent adhesion to silicate substrates in dry and wet conditions, resistance to UV radiation and weathering and it forms an excellent barrier against penetration of de-icing salts into the structure. Due to the ability of networking of the surface by means of UV radiation the colour has a very low spotting and retains the long-term colour stability and an aesthetic effect.

Application Layer: Top covering paint
Application method: stetecstrikaci pistolemalirsky valecek
Chemical classification: Soluble in water
Toning in the system: RAL, CSA Eurotrend, NCS
Working process: The paint is applied by brush, roller or by spraying in two or three layers with a min. interval between coats of 12 hours. The colour is supplied in a very thick consistency that enables the application at high thicknesses and before applying it is not thinned. The temperature of air and surface for the application and paint drying should not fall below + 5 ° C.
Intensity: Conventional decorative coatings 0.4 -0.5 kg / m2 for two layers for covering cracks in the surface of about 1 mm require sufficient thickness of coating upon consumption 0.7 to 1.0 kg / m2.
Surface: The surface must be solid, compact, dry, free of any mechanical or greasy dirts and old coats non-cohesive with the surface. We recommend to wash heavily contaminated surfaces with a pressurized water. Surfaces should be impregnated by the product DENAS PENETRACE. Larger cracks and unevenness in the surface are filled by polymer mortar; small cracks are filled with an elastic acrylic sealant (e.g. OSTAFLEX). On so prepared surfaces the paint is applied after a perfect drying of the impregnating coat and corrections.
Storage: The product is stored in original packages at temperatures from +5 to + 25 ° C, min. storage 12 months from date of production. It cannot freeze.
Packaging: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

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